Saturday, March 14, 2015

What you don't know.

January of 2013, my son Nikko came to me with information about his nanny, Nita. He described inappropriate behavior that happened while he was with his nanny, while “at a man Pike's house.” I immediately terminated Nita's employment and e-mailed Arizona, telling her what Nikko had told me. Arizona, as well as her mother Davina told me not to go to the police because it “may cause Nikko more stress.” I didn’t want to wait, but like a fool, I did. We agreed to go together when she returned from a new years celebration in Mystique with Cara Delevingne (her girlfriend at the time) and other friends.

When Arizona returned, it was very obvious she was under the influence of drugs when she showed up to my flat. She was paranoid and acting suspiciously. I asked her to get rest, and come back to my flat the next day. I was very disappointed.

The following day, Arizona went without me to file a police report.  She asked to pick up Nikko for lunch and did not bring him back to my flat after, like she promised. Then she refused to let me see my son whom had been living with me full time, since we moved to London. Arizona was suspicious, suggesting I had something to do with what Nikko had described to me days earlier (“Pike” had kissed him & Nita, and scared him with a gun).

Arizona was acting odd… Soon after speaking to Davina, I learned that Arizona’s father, Garry Muse had sexually abused her when she was a young girl. I think this was the reason she was so suspicious, also the drugs she was doing. She has always had a certain animosity toward men. After speaking with social services and the police in Knotting Hill for several weeks, they dropped the case due to lack of any kind of evidence. I did not raise Nikko to lie, something happened… and I believe Arizona is covering something up!

I filed a residence order with the courts in London, but when Arizona found out, she drained our bank accounts, then left to Paris. My work visa, which was illegally provided to me through Arizona’s agency, NEXT Model Management (I was listed as a Model/ DJ, but didn’t work a single day) was revoked at Arizona’s request. For that reason, I was forced to leave the UK or she (along with her agency) assured me they would call immigration.

Arizona lured me to the UK under false pretenses… In the back of my mind, I knew she wanted to take Nikko away from me after she got settled, and moving abroad with her dual citizenship was her easy way out. … that’s exactly what she did. I was coerced, and because we were unwed, I didn’t have many other options, so I agreed to leave behind everything in NY so I could care for my son and make sure he’d be raised in in a loving/ safe environment.

Before leaving Europe, Arizona convinced me to give her Nikko's passport. I didn't want to give it to her, but I literally had no money and no way to fly back to the US… she told me if I didn't give it to her she would not purchase the plane ticket I needed and threatened to report me to immigration. I didn't want to get in trouble with the law, so I gave her his passport and took a one-way flight to the US. I presumed the courts in America could help since Nikko is an American citizen, but jurisdictional laws prevent immediate action from the courts.

I’m currently in possession of his original birth certificate, listed as his father… I have reason to believe she acquired another birth certificate, listing only herself as Nikko’s parent… and is in the process of obtaining a UK passport for Nikko.  

I’m desperate for help. I need the word to get out, because even with legal representation in NY and London, the process is extremely lengthily. We don’t have the time.

It’s embarrassing to be so open, but pride aside, I won’t stop until I am able to see my son. He will be 6 in April, and I haven’t spoken to him or Arizona in over a year… nor have I received a photo (a single photo) from Arizona after countless attempts.

Arizona isn’t even working; she’s been hiding out so she doesn’t have to comply with the courts. I have a very good source that works for Aerin Lauder, and I hear that Arizona’s contract with Estee Lauder has been terminated.

If people are aware of this information, she will be more likely to stay in one place and deal with this. What she’s doing is absolutely repulsive; Parental Alienation is CHILD ABUSE… People need to know what she has been doing. I haven’t abandoned my son. I’m legitimately concerned, and am sure he is not being raised in a healthy/safe environment.

I love Nikko more than anything in the world.