Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5/13 We’re expecting a baby

It was the day after President Obama was elected. We had spent the previous night out at a local pub with a few friends, watching the results of the election.... had too much to drink and stumbled home later that night.

The next day, we stayed in, ordered food and rented movies. That evening, Arizona felt pressure in her lower abdomen. We had stopped birth control several months earlier, and both agreed we wanted to have a children… Although, for some reason we never thought we’d get pregnant so quickly. We both looked at each other, sort of in a daze… and I ran to the nearest grocery and bought two boxes of pregnancy tests. They were all positive. The daze turned into happiness, we held each other all night, imaging our new family, wondering if we were having a boy or a girl… you name it! 

We discussed separating weeks earlier because we had been growing apart, but after we realized we were having a baby, it’s like we were able to put up with eachother again. … or maybe we felt obligated to stay together for our unborn child? Either way, it seemed like there was hope for us.

I was so excited, I always wanted to be a Dad, but as a gay man, I never thought it was an option. I was extremely grateful; I couldn’t stop thanking God for this little miracle.

When it was confirmed, I promised myself I’d never cheat on her or do drugs again. My main priority was my new family!

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