Wednesday, March 20, 2013

7/13 The Bronx

There was a little hiccup upon arriving to NYC. I’d rented a massive loft in Brooklyn, but when I arrived it was in such a dodgy area, I didn’t take it. I needed something HUGE before Nikko and Arizona arrived, so last minute I rented an apartment in The Bronx, LOL! It was a nice area, but the last stop on the 4/5 trains… so far out of the city.

Haha, Arizona was not happy in the Bronx! It didn’t matter to me because I liked the place and knew the owner. It was in an Italian area, I made friends immediately.

The day I got hired at my new job in the city (about a month after relocating), Arizona packed up and left me… taking Nikko with her.

My beloved dog, Russell, would die a few weeks later, and I’d spend my birthday alone with a bottle of vino. 

At the time it was very difficult… a total nightmare to be honest, but our separation was for the best.

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