Wednesday, March 20, 2013

4/13 Move to NYC

The long distance thing was becoming an issue again, so guess what?!?! I moved to NYC to be with my girl. Leaving my job and my best friend in LA (my amazing boss), but optimistic about styling in the city.

We rented a garden apartment on the Upper East Side. It was perfect! Arizona was working a lot, so I had a lot of time to myself. I spent a lot of time at the gym, hired a personal trainer and really focused on yoga while looking for a job.

I finally got a job assisting the creative director of a top fashion magazine and assisting a major fashion designer. Everything seemed to be falling into place workwise, but Arizona and I began to become very distant. We never had any time together.

One afternoon, while leaving the gym, I met this guy… I can’t even remember his name, but I ended up going to his house.

We hooked up and I left before his wife returned. I felt guilty, I think he did too…. but  we continued to have these secret encounters, for several weeks. Eventually I didn’t feel badly anymore, I liked him. 

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