Wednesday, March 20, 2013

8/13 Life Goes On

I was settled into my new job, working for a pop singer… I was learning so much about the music business and thoroughly enjoying myself... and Arizona's career was EXPLODING! 

My place in the Bronx was WAY too big for just me, so I moved to the UES.

Arizona rarely returned my calls and didn’t allow me to see my son for months. My way of dealing was overachieving in my new position, going out too much, and sleeping around.

She eventually moved to Brooklyn from her Mum’s in Mass. where she had been staying… She invited me to her new place, told me how she was returning to the job she hated (modeling), and was dating someone. I was happy for her, I wasn’t jealous she was dating; I was just really surprised she was dating a woman! 

Our relationship continued to be hostile, she was so controlling, and preferred for Nikko to be with his inexperienced nanny rather than me (I think she was seeing her as well, but has never admitted to it). I saw Nikko as often as I was permitted, even leaving work when I’d get a last minute phone call or text.  

I hardly spoke to Arizona at that point, only corresponding with Nikko's nanny who seemed to hate me. LOL, I don't know why... I think she was in love with Arizona, or maybe she wanted to be her?

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